A Bit About My Nutrition Science

Think of My Nutrition Science as a mildly engaging collection of my thoughts about the nutrition industry, neverending diet debates, plus broader issues, such as why anyone cares about what other people eat. I aim to provide brutal honesty and thought-provoking ideas, sprinkled in with epistemic humility for good measure. (I can’t guarantee success in any one of those.)

I’m under no illusions here. If the amount of nutrition misinformation online were a tsunami, My Nutrition Science is a deflated buoy. Completely useless in the grand scheme of things, ready to be completely mauled by the next wave, but there nonetheless. There for someone caught between the waves to cling to, allowing a brief moment of hope that there may be a way out of this mess. That’s my mission.

A Bit About Me

I’m Shaun Ward. I’m a nutritionist — a professional one (MSc), not self-proclaimed. Over the last six years, I’ve worked as a nutritionist for global digital health companies, a writer for medical communication agencies, and a science specialist and researcher for pharmaceutical and supplement companies. I also contribute to Red Pen Reviews, a fantastic team of nutrition experts that review and grade health books based on their scientific accuracy (which, more often than not, is appalling). I’m of remarkably average intelligence, but enough people have convinced me that I hold valuable opinions to maintain a commitment to occasionally put words on paper. Something needs to take me away from playing video games every now and again, so I guess this is it.

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The ramblings of a professional nutritionist.


Experienced nutritionist (MSc) working as a researcher and science specialist within the healthcare industry.